Fiberspan Concrete Canales

“This was our first project using Fiberspan Concrete Canales. Not only was I impressed with the overall product, aesthetically they exceeded my expectations.”

Shane Woods
Woods Design Builders


“Our company, modern design+construction,inc. recently utilized canales from Fiberspan. working with them was a wonderful experience, and the canales were perfect. I plan in the future to use their product, as the quality of the canales, choices of design and finishes, and ability to customize makes it a perfect solution to our design needs”

Bill Roth
Bill Roth Plastering


“Fiberspan Concrete Canales have revolutionized the way we are addressing roof drainage and water harvesting in our custom homes. Their elegant design, quality craftsmanship, durability and ease of installation, pair beautifully with the clean lines of our contemporary homes.”

Erin Williams
Erin Williams Homes



Fiberspan Concrete Vigas

“The previous owner of our house had removed several vigas that had been the source of water leaks. This left large expanses of walls with no architectural detail. He also left a few vigas  in place that, after 20 years of painting, had completely lost their character and definition. I researched the other faux vigas and decided to order the Fiberspan Conrete Vigas. Pricing was competitive with other alternatives.
 It is always risky ordering things over the internet simply by looking at small samples and pictures. To my relief, the Fiberspan Concrete Vigas exceeded my expectations. The products have the appearance  of rough-hewn logs and the ends even have “tree like” rings. The shipping packages were well designed and included enough packing to insure no damage.
Installation was a breeze. The seven “new” vigas went up in a few minutes each. The base plates quickly attached to the underlying plywood and were “spun” on. 
Upon removing the existing vigas, we discovered the wood inside the wall was still solid so we simply cut the old vigas off flush with the stucco and sealed the old wood with “Red Guard” The was no stucco damage to repair. We cut down the “Hat flange” base plates so we could spin on the vigas just like the “no flange” version. The vigas were snugged tight to the stucco and heavy duty caulking applied to seal against water intrusion. 
We liked the color of the vigas and the contrast that it provided so much, we changed the other trim color of the house to match.
Would I do it again? For the peace of mind of not worrying about water intrusion and look of natural wood ……you bet.”
– Ron Kuznicki
  Cave Creek, AZ
To say Phil and Kellie were both very professional would be an understatement.
Our new replacement Vigas totally change the look of our home and they are amazing. 
Are we please I must definitely have to say yes. 
My dealing with Fiberspan was a totally different experience they walked me through from start to finish.  Phil and Kellie exceeded all my expectations. (trustworthy and honest )
Would I recommend Fiberspan and their fantastic product? Yes in a heart beat.
– Bob Albert
  Tucson Arizona

“Thanks to Fiberspan for giving my house a much-needed facelift. The new vigas and header boards have transformed the look of the house, replacing rotting vigas and discolored header boards with a product that will maintain its attractive appearance and integrity for years to come. Phil’s work is meticulous–he’s a skilled artist and craftsman who’s developed a great concept and product. Thumbs up to Fiberspan Concrete Vigas.”

– Cathy Lutz
  Sedona, AZ


“We were needing to redo our stucco and we were not quite sure what to do about our vigas, Kellie came by and showed us their Fiberspan Concrete Vigas, I could not believe how much they looked like wood. We were so surprised when the wood vigas were removed, how decayed they actually were on the inside, there were termite holes and extensive wood rot. We were happy that we caught the damage before it did too much destruction to our home. When Phil installed the natural pine colored Fiberspan Concrete Viga we could not even tell that it was not made of wood. We are so happy that we made the decision to replace our vigas. I would recommend Fiberspan Concrete Vigas to anyone.”

– Roberta and Gary Larsen
   Sedona, AZ


“The pine vigas that we originally had, had to be stained and sealed every few years, even with our attempts to maintain them they still continued to decay. Last winter we had noticed that two of the vigas were leaning away from the wall, then one morning we noticed that a viga had fallen and was laying on the ground, we knew at that point that they had to be replaced right away. A local contractor recommended Fiberspan Concrete Vigas, we were so impressed with how well Phil replicated our original viga with the beveled edge and matched the color so perfectly. Now people walking by comment on how beautiful they look and they cannot believe that they are not wood. Now I don’t have to get up on a ladder and maintain them anymore. We are so glad that we chose Fiberspan concrete Vigas.”

– Ken and Nancy Zoll
Village of Oak Creek, AZ


“I had seen Fiberspan Concrete Vigas on a neighbors house and thought that they added so much character to their home, I had bought a Santa Fe style home years ago and although I liked the Southwestern style, I did not like the plain walls of this home. I called Phil at Fiberspan Concrete Vigas to ask him about what options I may have for possibly adding some vigas. Phil had told me that he had designed an adapter that he can mount to the wall and can now add vigas to a home that has had no prior vigas. I decided to add the dark brown 8 “ vigas to the front of my home and was absolutely thrilled with how nice it made my home look. I have gotten so many compliments. Phil and Kellie were both so professional and friendly. I am extremely happy with my decision to use Fiberspan Concrete Vigas.”

– Doug Hudson
  Lake Montezuma, AZ