Fiberspan Concrete Canale and FCV installation methods…

Fiberspan Concrete Canales and FCV’s are engineered to install and weatherproof easily

Canale Installation

Watch how our new Fiberspan Concrete Canales (scupper drains) are easily installed:

#1 FCV Standard Flange Installation

#1 Standard flange is often the best option for new construction and for wood viga replacement when existing wood vigas are penetrating the wall. After old wood vigas are removed the standard flange covers and attaches over the wall opening allowing easy installation and stucco repair.


#2 Custom Installation ‘No Flange’

#2 Custom Installation is the best option when there is a preexisting lag bolt or threaded rod etc. The Fiberspan Concrete ‘Replacement’ Viga is custom built per your requirements for size, style, color and to attach to the existing bolt type method used.