Fiberspan Concrete Vigas™

Innovative new building product is receiving a lot of buzz in the Southwest

Phil Bigelow’s “niche” business, has caught the attention of homeowners, builders and architects throughout the Southwest since the introduction of his innovative new building products Fiberspan Concrete Vigas and Canales.

Fiberspan Concrete Vigas have become the ideal replacement for cracked and rotting exterior wood vigas. Homeowners with wood viga accents, have become dismayed with the many problems associated with the wood such as: cracking, dry rot, water damage and termites.  And now with the introduction of Fiberspan Concrete Canales homeowners are excited to finally have a long term solution to their issues of insufficient roof drains.kellie with viga

In August 2014, Phil Bigelow and his partner Kellie Shelton decided to relocate the manufacturing business to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Once in Santa Fe, it became apparent that there was a real need for a weather resistant, durable Canale. Canales are the roof drains for flat roofed homes.  Until recently, canales have been made from wood then lined with metal, but even with the metal lining, the wood sides and the bottom of the canale decays causing water damage to the structure.  Also, with wood canales, once they start to deteriorate, they are no longer able to support the weight of winter ice.

Phil and Kellie worked alongside local architects in Santa Fe to create several canale designs to accommodate the traditional style building as well as the contemporary style. The local architects and builders such as Woods Design Build, Tierra Concepts, Inc. and Erin Williams Collaborative LLC. provided insight that helped Phil design a canale that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but is extremely durable and weather resistant. These architects have since been installing Fiberspan Concrete Canales on their homes.

Fiberspan Concrete Canales are a sustainable building product designed to last for many decades. These canales are made with a special CSA cement, not only for increased strength, but this cement is considered a ‘greener’ choice because it requires a third less energy to process then Portland cement. What also makes these canales unique and superior to other canales is that these hand casted canales have layers of embedded  fiberspan mesh for increased strength.

Phil Bigelow continues to create new fiberspan concrete architectural components to accommodate the needs of the building community.phil with viga

Phil’s background:

Since his late teens, Phil Bigelow has been an entrepreneur. He started his career owning and operating a pool plastering business, then later ran a stucco business in the Phoenix Metro area. In his twenties, he moved to Minnesota and became interested in sculpting and mold making, which eventually inspired him to create a line of garden ornaments called Earthly Creations. After a little over a decade, he decided to sell his successful manufacturing business and return to Arizona.

Once in Arizona, Phil Bigelow put all of his energy in to building a beautiful custom Santa Fe/Pueblo style home in the Verde Valley. This is when his idea of Fiberspan Concrete Vigas was born. In designing his home, he wanted the authentic look of wood viga accents and headers, but he did not want the hassle and maintenance of caring for the wood. He wanted a more permanent solution. So in his garage, surrounded by his mold making materials and tools, he began creating his custom viga tails for his home. Local builders and craftsmen who were helping him with his house were so impressed that they began telling others and to his surprise, people began requesting orders. At this point, Phil Bigelow knew that he was on to something good, so he continued to hone his skills, perfect his method and created his new business Fiberspan Concrete Vigas. 

Kellie’s story:

Kellie joined forces in business with Phil Bigelow in 2012. She is Phil’s right hand, managing the business and spear heading the marketing and sales department. Kellie’s background has been eclectic, from  Teaching English Abroad to being a Freelance Reporter, a Newspaper Editor, a High School Teacher, a Behavioral Health Case Manager to working in Marketing and Advertising.